Welcome to R&B Landscaping

We are a full service landscaping company offering professional expertise as well as a personal commitment to each of our client’s needs.

R&B Landscaping was started in 1995 and has been consistently growing and expanding to provide its clientele with complete and comprehensive landscaping services. Quality of service to the customer is of prime importance. R&B is committed to customer satisfaction. Work is completed in a timely fashion and at a competitive price. Employees are fully trained and the highest standards are set for every employee. In addition, R&B carries complete business insurance.

R&B works in collaboration with professional landscape architects to provide unique designs for your home. We attribute our growth and success to complete customer satisfaction, and to that end we are at your service. Our aim is to create and maintain beautiful grounds that reflect your good taste, and will increase the value of your property.

Learn More About R&B’s President, Keith Boughrum

Starting out as a means to make some money in high school over 18 years ago, Keith started landscaping with a few friends. The friends soon went their separate ways and Keith decided that he wanted to make this his career. Soon after, he came home one day and asked his mom to co-sign a loan for a commercial lawn mower. This was the only help he had asked his parents for in order to help him grow the business. While continuing growing the business, Keith had put himself through college at Northeastern University to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration in order to further his education. With his hard work, dedication, and caring for his quality of work, customers, and employees he was able to grow his company to the full service landscaping company it is today.

Meet Keith & Liz